Which comes first: The Chicken or the Egg?

At Ready Shot, it all begins with a healthy, happy bird. Healthy hens produce nutrient-rich, flavourful eggs and that’s the best way to begin making any dish or drink. Over the years, we have become very selective about where we source our ingredients and spend time doing our due diligence on farms and farmers to make sure we produce the best possible product.

Months of research and interviews with farmers have guided us to make the shift to cage-free farms that serve only non-GMO (genetically modified organisms) feed to their chickens. Since 1996, poultry farmers have fed genetically modified grains and oilseeds to their chicken flocks and herds. Chicken feed is commonly comprised of corn, soybeans, canola meal, and alfalfa meal – all of which are considered ‘high-risk’ crops because there are commercially available genetically modified versions currently on the market. Because more than 80 percent of the corn and soybeans grown in the U.S. are now grown from genetically modified seeds, almost all corn and soy used in conventional poultry production are genetically modified.

Non-GMO Eggs are produced by hens fed a vegetarian diet of traceable ingredients not derived from genetically modified organisms. We aim to provide real and reassuringly delicious products to you. There’s artistry in what we do and at Ready Shot, we’re not about adding stress to anyone’s life… we are committed to providing the best-tasting products made with the highest-quality ingredients that are free from GMOs.

Kacy Wight
Kacy Wight
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