9 inch Black Cake - rum-infused fruitcake


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Consider a bundle?

Trinidad Black Cake is traditionally served at Christmas and at Weddings, throughout the Caribbean. It’s a rich, flavorful, rum infused fruitcake. We offer an nine-inch, square, rum-infused black cake (fruitcake), ready to serve and delightfully yummy! Our cake pairs wonderfully with any of our Ponch de Creme flavours – get the bundle while stocks last!

Entertaining family and friends shouldn’t require hours of prep. Nor should it mean spending most of the time ‘out of the lime’ because you want everything to be perfect. Ready Shot is here to make entertaining and family time fun and easy. Add this to your cart or check out our Festive Bundles! It’s as easy as open and serve!

Our Black Cake – rum-infused fruitcake is one of our products that take away the hassle of shopping, preparation and baking from the host. Spend more time doing what you enjoy! We’ll do the work because people should enjoy fun times… Fun shouldn’t feel like work. Fun should be easy and most of all, you should be right there in the middle of it.

Here’s a recipe from Tasty if you rather create this delightful dessert in your own kitchen:


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