Introducing our 2023 Ponche de Crème Season!

The wait is over for Ready Shot Ponche de Crème fans! Our 2023 flavour list is now out. Ready Shot Ponche de Crème now comes in eight exciting flavours. But wait…Our Master Blender is also working to perfect a couple more amazing flavours for this season…Stay tuned.

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8 Dairy Blend Flavours Available

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GMO-free Eggs

GMO-free Eggs are produced by hens fed a vegetarian diet of traceable ingredients not derived from genetically modified organisms. We aim to provide real and reassuringly delicious products to you.

Always pasteurized

We use a process known as pasteurization that heats eggs to a point that kills any dangerous bacteria but doesn't cook the egg itself.

Natural flavours

There's nothing artificial in any of our new flavours in both our dairy and dairy-free blends.

Which comes first: The Chicken or the Egg

At Ready Shot, it all begins with a healthy, happy bird. Healthy hens produce nutrient rich, flavourful eggs and that’s the best way to begin making any dish or drink. Over the years, we have become very selective about where we source our ingredients and spend time doing our due diligence on farms and farmers to make sure we produce the best possible product.

Months of research and interviews with farmers have guided us to make the shift to cage-free farms that serve only non-GMO (genetically modified organisms) feed to their chickens. Since 1996, poultry farmers have fed genetically modified grains and oilseeds to their chicken flocks and herds. Chicken feed is commonly comprised of corn, soybeans, canola meal, and alfalfa meal – all of which are considered ‘high-risk’ crops because there are commercially available genetically modified versions currently on the market.

Customer reviews

The Amaretto is my favorite!
It doesn’t just taste great, but you don’t typically get this level of commitment to a sound quality assurance process with this type of product.
I've been ordering for a couple of years now and I usually reserve a coconut just for myself. I pour a glass after a long day at work or cleaning the house .....sip and relax. 🎄🎄🎄
I don't drink a lot of alcohol but I cannot resist ReadyShot's Ponche De Crème because of its smooth, creamy and yummy taste!!
This is definitely must-have staple in my house at Christmas time!!

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